It was an amazing day!

There is nothing more rewarding for a national women’s community service organization like ours than to live out our mission statement in one event.  On Saturday, June 29, 2019, Classy Living Society did just that.

Bright and early, CLS sisters banded together at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA to turn miles into dollars by hosting its own 5K Charity Walk to benefit the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation!  It is the mission of GFBF to partner with the fire service and burn care community to provide fire safety and prevention education, support medical facilities and assist burn survivors in their recovery. (Please see the separate article in this edition of CLS on the Move for more information on this worthwhile organization).

CLS was on the move!  Our CLS Walks 5K also falls in line with our Classy N’ Fit initiative – as CLS continues to promote the importance of health, wellness and nutrition! What’s more, this was a Society Saturday Walk, with our national Societies participating simultaneously.

Through the Walk, CLS collected donations from walkers and other donors totaling over $1,000 (and counting)!  A check for 100 percent of the proceeds was presented to Mr. Dennis Gardin, Executive Director of GFBF.

As we lounged in a shady park pavilion after the Walk, Mr. Gardin spoke with us about the wonderful things GFBF is doing in the community to support both burn survivors and their families as well as the fire rescue community.  A burn survivor himself, he also shared his personal story of escaping a fire at his family home when he was a teen, and the recovery and life adjustments a burn survivor must make beyond the physical healing.  A few CLS members also shared their own firsthand and secondary stories of experiences of loss through fire.

Stone Mountain Fire Department and Fire Rescue also drove up in their shiny red rescue vehicles to meet us and provide us with valuable tips on fire prevention and safety.  Quentin Campbell, who is retired from the Atlanta Fire Rescue (and is also the husband of Janice Campbell, CLS member and Volunteer of the Year) also came to walk with us and provide additional tips.

A variety of delicious and nutritious snacks were served – oranges, bananas, bottled water, breakfast bars and last but not least – special thanks to Chick-Fil-A for their donation of chicken biscuits!

Yes, it was an amazing day … and through this event, CLS placed its mission statement into action. It is an organization that prides itself on its ability and motivation to create innovative ways to give back to the community and carve out its own lane.  On Saturday, we provided education, promoted sisterhood bonding, gave back to a worthy cause in the community and got our walk on!

We also promoted physical AND emotional/mental health and wellness.  Many of the walkers stated the Walk represented a kickstarter for them to become more active, and with that comes improved health and wellness.  Sharing stories with the GFBF and others and supporting one another along the way during the Walk provided a nurturing environment and through vulnerability came the realization and assurance that “you are not alone.”

As we focus on the needs of the community, our members and their families and friends, we look forward to future endeavors such as this one – a multi-faceted outreach that touched the very hearts and minds of the community in many ways.

We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

written by Janine Lattimore

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