We are super busy solidifying our plans for 2019…and although we have decided to keep some of our exciting new plans a secret…there’s one thing we would like to share.  Beginning this year, many of CLS’ social events which were previously open to the public, are now member-exclusive events – including the annual Red Dress Gala.  Yes, the Gala will be a members-only event; each member is allowed to bring one guest.  Don’t want to miss the Red Dress Gala?  Become a CLS member!

We are a trendsetting national women’s organization which has positioned itself to become innovators of community service while providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment.  Below are a few other very good reasons why you should join CLS!

Give Back to the Community.  If you have a passion for philanthropy, CLS is the place for you!  CLS is a hands-on partner with other community service organizations and  nonprofits – giving you the opportunity to participate in a number of worthwhile give back initiatives.  Our Number One priority is volunteering our time and resources in order to enrich the lives and futures of those in our own communities.  Join us as we commit to changing the world!

Sisterhood bonding.  If you desire to connect with other ladies and make new friends, as a member you will be in touch with other like-minded women.   CLS fosters sisterhood and promotes a vision to inspire and cultivate genuine friendships. The organization is committed to hosting high-end, exciting and premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year where you can enjoy friendship, fun and fabulous lifestyles.

Grow your business.  Through the CLS Biz Zone, CLS endeavors to facilitate development and growth in businesses as well as in our members.  You will have access to education through CLS educational workshops, support from within the organization, through networking, promotion and patronage and more!  CLS provides a number of forums in which businesses can advertise and promote and provide incentives within the organization to build an entirely new customer base!  As a member, you can take advantage of a program fashioned to empower, rejuvenate and promote growth for you and your business.

Enhance your network. Make new business contacts with other entrepreneurs. Gain new business ideas and ways to grow your business. You also have the opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge. Not a businesswoman? Maybe you’ll be inspired to turn your hobby or passion into a money-making venture for yourself. CLS membership will give you the opportunity to network and get to know sisters who are doing big things in the community!

Opportunities Within the Organization.  Do you like to write?  Do you have experience in marketing or project management?  Do you have a background in accounting? Or experience with board service?  If you have a skill or talent to offer that CLS can use, you may have the opportunity to work within the organization, as a team member or leader, a ‘ board member, a blogger or writer for CLS’ digital magazine, the Classy Chronicles and much, much more.  Enrich the organization as you enhance your personal and professional development!

Fabulous Events.  CLS’ glamorous, unique and personalized events are the epitome of class.  Each host venue is fully transformed by innovative designs and customized decor — and each attendee will be dazzled by the rich splendor of the event.  Entertainment, speakers, media and presentations never cease to inspire and are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression. Each tasteful event exudes refinement, charm and elegance — the brand of the organization is personified by every Classy Living Society event.

CLS is Socially Conscious. Through its green initiative, CLS Cares, CLS is committed to preserving our environment by providing resources for carpooling/ridesharing to member events, recycling, adopting local roads, gardening and urban sustainability.  CLS ensures that member events are eco-friendly and makes “going green” a priority.

SHADE – CLS has its own line of socially conscious lipsticks bringing awareness to causes affecting the world — $2.00 from each lipstick purchase is donated to a number of non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of people who need it most.  Become a part of the movement #iwearshade.

Membership Levels and Perks.  CLS offers a variety of membership tiers — the premise is:  pay less membership fee–volunteer less hours–receive less benefits; pay more membership fees–volunteer more hours–receive more benefits!  The choice is yours – depending on your desired level of involvement. Membership tiers include: Classy Advocate, Stepping into Classy and Oh So Classy!  You possess the freedom to choose a more closely customized membership that’s just right for you! Membership also have its privileges – CLS perks, that is!  Benefits include movie ticket discounts, CLS event discounts, Shade lipcolor discounts, health and physical fitness initiatives, educational workshops and more!

Classy Woman Reads Book Club.  Do you love to read? Join your Sisters to discuss the latest books at periodic Dine and Discuss meetings.  These quarterly gatherings will be held in various locales to accommodate our nationwide membership with the goal in mind to present an annual national collaborative meeting.  Classy Woman Reads Book Club is designed to inspire women to think outside the box, socialize with like-minded women and READ!

And there is much, much more!  Membership with CLS is personally rewarding.  Through volunteering, sisterhood bonding, and fun, fun, fun you are sure to grow and evolve.  Join us today!  We look forward to engaging and connecting with you soon!  Click on the link below and JOIN!  We will see you soon!


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