This past Wednesday, March 20, we officially ushered in the spring season!  Hooray!  We can look forward to warmer weather, more sunshine and longer daylight hours; then on to the activities and highlights of summer!

Spring signals revitalization and nothing is more revitalizing than spring cleaning in your home!  Throwing open the windows for fresh air, clearing out clutter, wiping down your space with fresh smelling cleaning products and sprucing up decor are some of the activities we like to do during our spring cleaning regimen – but have you thought about recycling and/or shredding?

On most episodes of the Netflix series “Tidying Up,” home organization guru Marie Kondo stresses the importance of clearing out unwanted paper.  Junk mail, old receipts, documents you no longer need, that college paper from 20 years ago – get rid of it!  But don’t throw it in the trash – RECYCLE!  SHRED!

Of course, we already know recycling confidential or sensitive documents are not the way to go, and that’s where shredding comes in.  But suppose you’ve got piles of documents to shred – who has time to sit and shred all of that paper using your small capacity home shredder? Not us!  We’ve got sunshine to enjoy outside!

The solution: County/City shredding events!    Reputable document management companies are on hand at these events – you simply drive up and hand your boxes of documents to be shredded to the workers; who immediately dump them into huge shredding machines on the scene!  It only takes about five minutes to be rid of piles of unwanted paper! Some of these shredding/recycling events also sponsor electronics recycling.  Most counties/cities sponsor a shredding event in your area or a neighboring area; visit nearby county or city websites and search.

Happy spring cleaning!

CLS Cares is a Classy Living Society 501(c)(3) which answers the clarion call to be active participants in safeguarding our plant and natural resources.  It is our “go green” initiative, launched to promote sustainability, conservation and preservation and supports our commitment to save our planet one step at a time, one person at a time.

written by Janine Lattimore

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