It was a day of mixing and mingling, hugs, introductions, delicious food, raffles and prizes, laughter and sister-LOVE!

The New Member Mixer on Sunday, February 10 was filled to capacity and was a huge success!  Each quarter, CLS hosts a Mixer to welcome new members who joined during the previous quarter, acclimate them to the organization and give them a chance to get to know the Leadership Team, and their fellow new members.

The ladies were greeted at the door with an explanation of the CLS icebreaker game – each attendee wore a sign on her back with the name of a famous woman.  By asking leading yes or no questions, each person had to guess the name of the woman on their back.  There are always laughs and lots of open discussion while playing this game!  Given that this mixer was held in February, the decor was LOVE-themed – flowers, red candles, whimsical napkins and pink neon “LOVE” and heart-shaped lights adorned the table in Valentine’s Day style.  The ladies dined on a meal of roasted chicken, fresh salad, broccoli cheese casserole and delicious rolls and cornbread.  Several vendors were in attendance, and the new members shopped and gained information as they mingled.  Then, it was time for the EPIC announcement regarding Classy Living Society’s participation in Volunteer Week (stay tuned for more details in a few weeks!).  There were raffles and excited prize-winners, and a few heart-pumping moments of Zumba!

As a giving back initiative, new members were asked to bring clothing donations to benefit free fab’rik, a program sponsored by fab’rik, an Atlanta clothing boutique whose mission is to offer girls in need free shopping sprees, so they have an opportunity to experience the thrill of boutique shopping without the pressure of price tags.  Attendees of the mixer sorted and bagged the donated clothing and accessories for delivery to fab’rik by CLS.

Classy Living Society’s New Member Mixer always stands out as one of the best ways for new members to get to know one another and to learn that, while the number one priority of the organization is giving back to the community, CLS also places important emphasis on fostering friendships and sisterhood.  CLS sisters are not sisters by blood, but are definitely sisters by the heart.

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