On Saturday, January 26, CLS Founder LaShanda Pitts celebrated her birthday.  If you do not yet know the story, there’s a reason LaShanda’s birthday is a BIG celebration for her and others in her life.

LaShanda grew up in a home where giving back to those less fortunate was very important.  Christmas was a time when her family provided a hand up to those in need and birthdays were designated as holidays – with personal gifts and festivities galore!  Little did she know at the time, this family practice of philanthropy, particularly at Christmastime, became an integral part of the future birth of the organization now known as Classy Living Society, now a premier national women’s community service organization.  The practice also gave way to a lifetime of annual celebration at her birthday – a celebration of everyone!  Because of her giving spirit, she also wants everyone else to celebrate themselves on her birthday.  These are the qualities that make LaShanda a very special lady!

Classy Living Society would like to honor LaShanda Pitts on the occasion of her birthday…with all she has done for the organization, the community and its members and everyone else she comes in contact with, she deserves as much celebration and festivities as her birthday can bring.  Please join us in wishing her a very Happy Birthday and many more blessed years to come!!

Janine Lattimore


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