In our ongoing initiative to #GoNational and celebrate our many Societies in other locales, Classy Living Society hosted a Yellow Dress Brunch in Tampa, Florida!

The host location was Élevage, a restaurant nestled within the Epicurean Hotel in the Historic Hyde Park district of Tampa.  On this beautiful hot and sunny Florida day, a party of 21 got together to bring awareness to a cause: to #EndtheDemand of human and sex trafficking.  CLS wears yellow to signify our united stand against human trafficking, a crime that affects all societies.

Our special guest was Mr. Steve Cleveland, Executive Director of the anti-trafficking nonprofit organization, Florida Dream Center.  Mr. Cleveland spoke about all things Florida Dream Center, including their awesome anti-trafficking initiative, and support of trafficking victims and survivors.  For more information on the Florida Dream Center, visit their website at http://floridadreamcenter.org/  As a giveback gesture, CLS presented Mr. Cleveland with a number of journals and pens as a love offering for the trafficking victims and survivors they support.

It was an epic day for all – which included CLS’ favorite Guess Who? game – wherein attendees wear signs on their backs with the names of famous women and they must guess who they are by asking leading questions.  We even got Steve Cleveland and his lovely wife, TeeCee in on the game!  There was mingling and networking and much chatter and the food was delicious.  We came, we learned, we gave, we conquered – we believe in our giving and in our education, we take one more step to ending the demand! Knowledge is power!

Stay tuned for more Society events – coming soon!

written by Janine Lattimore

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