Classy Living Society members volunteered at the 15th Annual Pink Ribbon 5k Walk/Run sponsored by Sisters By Choice (SBC) on Saturday, July 20.  Volunteers from CLS were in charge of distributing water from the various water stations along the 5K route.  It was an honor to also act as cheerleaders for the many walkers and runners who participated and walked/ran in the name of breast cancer survival and awareness!  The 5K Run/Walk was held at Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s biggest and most beautiful greenspace with the Midtown skyline as a backdrop.

SBC has been sponsoring the 5K since 2005 and has grown tremendously over the past 15 years. All proceeds from the race go towards the operational costs of SBC’s Mobile Breast Clinic. The mobile breast clinic travels throughout the state of Georgia to help medically under served men and women gain access to quality breast care.

Sisters By Choice (SBC) was founded in 1989 by Dr. Rogsbert F. Phillips-Reed, a prominent Atlanta-based breast surgeon. SBC provides breast exams, mammograms and other breast services including to unemployed and homeless women each year as well as providing free educational seminars, workshops, and health fairs to promote breast cancer awareness.

For more information on SBC and the Annual 5K Walk/Run, visit the SBC website at

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