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Welcome to 518 Social….A Collection of Experiences.

518 Social’s vision is to curate unique social experiences that provide an opportunity to give back and impact our community.

As you read this message, Classy Living Society, as you know it – as an organization and a business – has dissolved. As a member of the former Classy Living Society, you are the epitome of the mission and vision of the organization that was founded in 2013. Although the CLS organization is going away, it does not mean the mission and vision that is at its core is going with it! We are excited to introduce a brand new private elite membership… and you are invited to join and continue with this unique journey. 

We introduce to you … The 518 Social!

“518” is inspired by and commemorates the date the organization was first created – May 18.  This new direction will be somewhat on a smaller scale, yet elevated and powerful!  With this new membership, the philosophy of giving and making an impact will continue to be the underlying priority; with emphasis on:

  • Unique experiences that involve giving back
  • A company structured Wine Club, to include international travel excursions
  • Table of Givers, intimate events presented by Laik Experiences 
  • Ultimate girls trips 
  • Date nights 
  • Quarterly laundry love opportunities
  • Member experience blogging opportunities
  • 518 Talks
  • Book Club
  • Workout Club
  • Sports Club
  • Wellness Day parties
  • Traveling Galas (all colors)
  • Sisterhood engagement
  • Quarterly sponsored “Get on the Bus” and volunteer opportunities
  • Member led events
  • That’s My Sister recognition 
  • Chasing waterfalls 
  • And much, much more!  

In addition, the 518 Social will provide a greater sense of freedom that will allow you, as a member, to concentrate on reveling in the perks of being a 518 Social member!  That means…no tracking of volunteer hours!  In addition, while rules must be present in order for any organization or business to run smoothly, 518 Social will present less stringency when it comes to enforcing its policies!

The 518 Social Membership Model


Membership fees will include:

  • $33.50 monthly membership fee beginning on May 1, 2022; and
  • An annual $99 commitment fee is due on February 1 of each year


  • Members must participate in in-person events at least three to four times per quarter.
  • No call/no-shows are strictly prohibited. 
  • Arriving on time for events and volunteer efforts is mandatory.
  • Mandatory check-in upon arrival at all events is required.
  • Members are not required to log volunteer hours. 
  • Quarterly reports will provide a summary of member participation in volunteer events and will be sent to each member’s inbox in 518 Engage.
  • Unless specifically designated, virtual volunteering does not count toward quarterly participation requirements. 

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Let’s get Social!

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Please note: All fees and dues are non-refundable
$175.00 enrollment fee
$33.50 per month

$99 Commitment Fee every February 1st.  

The one-time $175.00 enrollment fee is due upon joining CLS.   (Payment in full options are available upon request)

If you have any questions please contact Team 5185 team518@the518social.com

Team 518

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