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Over 1,000 bottles of water donated

to the Atlanta Mission as part of Society Saturday

Over 200 Canned Goods donated

to The Veterans Administration for Thanksgiving


An upscale event coordination company, LAIK is dedicated to transport you and your guests into a unique experience — upon arrival to departure and everything in between.

Over 1400 Socks donated

to the Covenant House of Atlanta – Homeless Teenagers

Classy Living Society aspires to promote the advancement of women in business and entrepreneurship and to promote those businesses through networking, advertisement, patronage and more. We have programs and initiatives in place that will empower, rejuvenate and encourage growth for you and your business.

Community Service and Your Business

With word of mouth largely driven by social media and technology these days, it is just as important to public perception to give back to the community as it is to offer exceptional products and services. Social responsibility places a business in an excellent position to be recognized by customers, other businesses (for networking purposes), employees and of course, the community at large. Implementing a good solid community service plan for your company provides potential for growth and stability – all because you’ve decided to make a commitment to give back.

As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have time to personally go out and volunteer, or to implement a program. Or perhaps you don’t know where to begin! That’s where CLS comes in! We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in our Give Back Club!

The advantages of Give Back Club membership are many! When you list your business as a member of the Give Back Club, you will become a part of a virtual store on our website, opening up the possibility to advertise your business and enjoy MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to 400+ website visitors each week!

In addition, we will assist you and your business by arranging for you to support a nonprofit organization on a quarterly basis with tangible items.

Where Shopping and Giving are in the Bag...

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CLS Cares and Quarterly Society Saturdays – Get On the Bus and Volunteer

CLS Cares is Classy Living Society’s GO GREEN Initiative. We are committed to saving our planet one step at a time and we are proud of our mission to promote sustainability. We will provide eco-friendly tips and opportunities — conservation and preservation, ride sharing, rotating volunteer events by county/town/city/area, recycling programs, promoting farmers and gardening for fresh veggies, and more. CLS realizes the key to a greener planet is in all of our hands.

Through our quarterly Society Saturdays – CLS members will park their cars…and get on a charter bus to ride to various nonprofit organizations to volunteer. What’s even more exciting is … this is a synchronized effort in each state where a CLS Society is located! Ride sharing means less Greenhouse Gas emissions polluting our environment, which will improve air quality. On these excursions, CLS plans to perform eco-friendly services, i.e. clean up trash on our adopted roads, planting on-location gardens, assisting with recycling programs and much, much more!

As a Give Back Club member, you will be sponsoring our CLS Cares initiative by providing tangible donated items to present to select nonprofit and community service organizations nationwide during our quarterly Society Saturdays!

100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase tangible items to be donated to a selected US-based nonprofit

Other Sponsor levels:

Where Shopping and Giving are in the Bag....

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